I think this is a great product! I had my double mastectomy on December 12, 2012. Prior to my surgery, I searched online for something to hold my drains in place and I came across two options. The drain belt and this jacket that you can wear in the shower… having a product such as your Shower Wrap would have been ideal… I truly believe your product will help many patients freely take showers easily and safely. If your product was available during the time I needed it, I can honestly say I would have purchased it without a second thought.

Susan Conroy, Dallas, TX
Breast Cancer Patient

I think the pink pouch design is absolutely what breast cancer patients need in their immediate postoperative period. Showering was very difficult and uncomfortable using the belt provided from the hospital… your design would make it easier to shower with the drains.

Chris Miller, Atlanta, GA
Breast Cancer Patient

There is nothing like this on the market now… we would definitely recommend this to our patients.

Rita Snipes, Atlanta GA
Fitter, A Woman’s Place, Northside Hospital

The [Pink PouchTM] Garment is very comfortable and practical. I think it will help a lot of women undergoing reconstruction. I will recommend use of this garment in my practice.

Dr. Diane Alexander, MD, FACS
Artisan Plastic Surgery
Vice-Chief of Surgery
Northside Hospital,
Atlanta, GA

Please know of my heartfelt appreciation for the shower wrap. My mother had a masectomy on November 24 th. She has been sleeping up right in a chair at night to accommodate her drainage tubes and she has been taking sponge baths so as not to get them wet. My mom was thrilled to use the shower wrap because it allowed her to take a shower and wash her hair. More importantly, it gave back some of the power she has lost during this healing phase. For this, we are forever grateful. Thank you so much.

Trisha Lueder