About LITP

About Life in the Pink

The mission of Life in the Pink™ is to provide a garment and product line for post-surgical patients who have undergone chest and torso surgeries that will keep surgical drains in place as well as give them a comfortable fit as they heal. Life In The Pink is initially focusing on women going through breast cancer and plastic surgeries then moving into the auxiliary markets of any patient that has surgical drains, pumps, or catheters as part of home care.

In 2008, creator Suzette Osaba Bryan was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent a double-mastectomy. It was out of the experience of going home with four drains for six weeks, and the frustration of managing these drains that the concept of the Pink Pouch™was born.

This patented design has become the launch product of the brand. Life In the Pink has been consulting with patients and doctors on other home care garments that will reach many different patients with drains, pumps and catheters to bring empower the patient and provide a better way of healing and a better way of life.